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To avoid surveillance, the first four Americans to visit Edward Snowden in Moscow carried no cell phones or laptops. They flew coach on Delta from Washington with tickets paid for by Dutch computer hackers. After checking into a preselected hotel not far from Red Square, they waited for a van to pick them up for dinner..

However, the fact that the reference to eradicating terrorism and implementing NAP was made in passing highlights the low priority accorded to an issue that has emerged as a major contention in Pakistan’s international relations and its own progress.The country has recently witnessed horrific security breaches, from the twin blast in Peshawar on July 13 that claimed more than 150 lives to girls schools being torched in the northern parts of Pakistan. The nation was appalled at such acts of terror.But what we need to realise is: that a particular mindset leads to such acts of terror and it is this particular mindset that needs to be targeted. While intolerance persists, there is very little benefit to be achieved from tackling other menaces.

But Zarqawi has been linked to some of the more notorious attacks that seem specifically designed to cause sectarian strife. This is like the attack on the Sunni mosque in Samarra in February, which really launched a spike of violence between Sunnis and Shiites. And it remains unclear whether someone will take up Zarqawi’s mantle and continue those kind of attacks to try to foment an increased civil war there..

“I wanted time to travel and explore different activities.” So she hung up her dance shoes and turned to yoga, group cycling, and the occasional Zumba class for her fitness fix.RELATED: SHAPE Readers’ Most Amazing Yoga PhotosAlways on the lookout for new ways to keep her body lean and limber, Samantha saw the chance to take a big step outside her exercise comfort zone this past spring. Back in March, she heard that a friend had signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro over the summer with a group of fellow high schoolers.Even with all her previous athletic pursuits, Samantha understood the task looming above her was a whole new beast. Located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro rises 19,340 feet making it not only the continent’s highest peak but also the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.Although the physical challenges were great for starters, the air gets so thin along the ascent that altitude sickness plagues many of the 15,000 hikers who attempt the climb annually Samantha was not deterred.

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