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I think the best damage control would be “CrossFit Health” and “CrossFit Sport” affiliations with their own structure and purposes. Maybe even “CrossFit” as a middle ground. Have gyms affiliate for all 3 or some combination with lower fees like 1/3 the price for each, so a CF Health facility doesn’t have much incentive to rebrand away from the CrossFit name.

Black masculinity has traditionally been associated with promiscuity, especially in rap music. Although the ad implies a sexual dynamic between Combs and the women, there is an absence of the “raw, uncivilized sexuality” (Hill Collins 151) connected to the physical body that is typical of black media representations. Instead, Combs’ sexuality ties to his economic capital, as the ad sells the classy, luxurious lifestyle that makes him appealing to the women.

I wish my own inner voice had said, “Hey Elle, this gig does have a lot of great things going for it, but maybe it’s time to leave.” Instead it said, “Hey Elle, everyone wants this, so you probably should too. Find a way to love it. Be good at it. A 12 year old girl is sitting in the counselling room next door. Habiba keeps her head lowered and avoids eye contact. She is on the autistic spectrum and speaks so softly that I struggle to make out what she is saying..

Following the bike ride came another 60km river paddle. Having been told there was little water and knowing already how heavy the boats were, no team was looking forward to this section of the race. 40% of the river was too shallow to paddle and so the boats had to be portered over these sections.

Then I have others, I have a guy who only does 6 8 orders a day. I have had one call me to move an order to someone else and the entire district sign off their handhelds (simultaneously) so I would have to run a call out (2 paid hours min). I have one who will drive out and do the orders, leave them on his screen.

Then there is Tebow’s seemingly bulletproof optimism. He has led six professional fourth quarter comebacks and seven game winning drives. He told Demaryius Thomas after a ball sailed right between his hands that Thomas would catch the game winning pass.

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They were strong words, no matter how obvious. So, yes, Gruden knows the deal. Then again, such offseason statements are becoming the norm. Who have decided that they would not only follow crisis on Twitter. But then. Take up the call and act on it that’s what has the FBI director so concerned and saying that crisis is a greater threat than al Qaeda ever ones because of that social media presence and its instant ability.

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