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These trips were also special in terms of what we learned. Instead of being taught about the danger of HIV/AIDS by my sex ed teacher in school, I saw the devastating effects of the virus at a hospital specializing in caring for children whose parents had died of AIDS and were potentially HIV positive themselves. What I didn’t realize at the time is that those trips gave my mom the chance to analyze the power and potential of the Girl Effect through her own daughter’s eyes..

Neat thing about modern pacemakers is that I don need surgery for adjustment either. My pacemaker isn wifi enabled, but it does communicate wirelessly with a base unit that reports to my cardiologist about its function (including my heart rate and when my heart is doing things that the pacemaker is correcting), the battery level, and voltage output to the leads that actually do the work. If something needs to be adjusted, I go visit my cardiologist and they wheel in an oversized laptop that can communicate with my pacemaker and make adjustments as needed.

You might remember Keaira LaShae from The Voice, America’s Best Dance Crew,or So You Think You Can Dance. (Seriously, there’s nothing this woman can’t do.)But the professional singer turned dancer has turned her focus on creating body positive, fat burning workout videos on YouTube and Instagram. You could say it’s working: Combined, her videos have been viewed more than 80 million times! Oh, and they’re absolutely free.

But it is Nike that may ultimately pay the steepest price in the Olympics. One top industry executive close to Nike said that several years ago, Philip Knight, Nike’s chairman, thought he could win the battle in court and rejected an offer for $5 million to buy the rights to the Nike name in Spain. When he saw that the odds were against Nike, Knight is said to have offered to pay the $5 million in recent weeks only to be told the price had jumped to $50 million..

Although soccer players are generally great with their feet, these guys can’t dance for beans; they’re completely out of sync rhythmically. The Village People’s lyrics are beyond generic: “Far away in America/We’re gonna make it/Find our chance and take it.” Still, we must be grateful that the camp icons were allowed to put their unique stamp on America’s sole World Cup tournament to date.Did it translate into World Cup success? Germany failed to defend their 1990 World Cup title and lost in the quarter finals.The “Jack” in the title is Jackie Charlton, the English soccer legend who had a successful stint as Ireland’s manager in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although it’s tough to decipher Shane MacGowan’s garbled lyrics, this is a paean to both the Irish World Cup squad and their devoted fans, a fun little ditty one can easily imagine belting out at the local pub.

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