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I put my hands up and sat down on the curb. It became apparent that the man with the gun was telling us to pay, and I was unsure if they were affiliated with the gas station. Gunnar Bentz and I gave the man some money. I’ve since heard that when the guy in Cleveland got the pictures, he went, “First of all, where’s the bikini?” He told me he wasn’t ever gonna pay me, because he hated the pictures. But I guess he showed them around to people in his business and they changed his mind. It was Farrah’s pose, Farrah’s suit, Farrah’s idea.

Fifa said no. But the FA secretly commissioned Bird anyway. He made a gilded bronze trophy probably for nothing, as a gift to the FA. As in football’s beleaguered AFC conference, hope springs eternal in the advertising industry. “It’s scary,” Tom Topolewski, who wrote the Road Runner/Pontiac ad, told the Times. “I just hope people like it, you know.

The Myth of ‘The Flight of Icarus’The myth begins when the king of Crete, King Minos, commissioned a famous inventor named Daedalus to create a vast, meticulous labyrinth. This was to imprison a Minotaur, in which Minos’ wife had birthed after her infidelity with a bull. The Minotaur’s appetite was not satisfied unless there were human sacrifices given to the beast.

He was born in New York. He grew up in Mississippi. You’ve probably seen or heard some of the interviews he’s given where he’s talked about how well he knows the Gulf region, how he himself used to swim and fish in the Gulf when he was a boy. It is a reminder that successive waves of foreigners Libyans, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs have conquered Egypt, only to be won over by the antiquity and allure of Egyptian civilisation. In more recent times, travellers and tourists have fallen under the Nile Valley unique spell. Little wonder: from the deck of a dahabiya, as a never ending tableau unfolds before you, it is hard not to be enchanted..

First, let me say participating in this race was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences that I sure will stick with me for a lifetime. New York City is a world class city that hosts a world class marathon that lives up to the hype. This was my 16th marathon and I would consider it to be the best running experience overall so far.

By 2045 we should see insect sized robotic insects capable of flying in co ordinated swarms. They might be used for crop pollination purposes or as battlefield or crowd control cameras. These flying robots could be fitted with air sniffing or sampling technology to test air quality, search for pollution or give early warning about biological or gas attacks.

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