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I guess the only thing that different is that there is a bigger distinction between guys that have a lot of money vs those that have less. For rich and poor obviously there is a distinction but there is even a distinction between upper middle class and lower middle class. I guess that because the things you have access to and the things you can do as an upper middle class vs lower middle class are very different in the Philippines.

What is Passion and where does it come from? Passion is limitless because passion is whatever anyone wants it to be. The question is what is Passion in the literal sense? people say that passion is a love for something when they hear about it at least that is my view of it. If you love something you are passionate about it, isn’t that how it goes? There are many different definitions of the word passion because it can mean many different things.

This is an old thread but found it while searching for something else use a better platform like etrade on your phone to get what is called “level 2 quotes” which will be streaming, it will allow you to see any after market trading happening and will give you a current streaming quote. You can (and should) use this streaming quote (ask price) to set limit orders on any and all stocks you purchase from robin hood. Market price / market order will always fuck you on robin hood..

I sent an email on the same day to the address provided in the letter. I advised the addressee that i was disgusted with the tone and the accusation within the letter. I got no response. During the early part of the 70’s, Walmart was only able to expand to 15 stores because of lack of capital. So in 1972, Walmart stock was offered on the New York Stock Exchange, this gave the company the capital for expansion. By the end of the decade, the company opened 276 new stores in 11 states..

One of the reasons we do not pay attention to history as we should is because we think we are different from people of the past. Our heady time of technological pyrotechnics creates a smugness that leads us to presume that pre modern era humans were unsophisticated or stone age brutes. But a closer look tells us that is not so.

In the next year, he obtained much time to performance in the game. And he began to present his capability of a guard. He got more points in the game. In 1982, a man named David Koresh joined the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and quickly rose to power. He frequently claimed to be a messenger of God and at times even announced he was the messiah himself. Charges of sexual abuse were rampant under his rule.

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