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The Clips have some work to do in free agency, but if they can keep Jordan and get one or two other role players they should be just as good as this year. The Spurs look like they are gonna make one more run with their squad. With Gasol and Aldridge being free agents, its hard to predict the rest of the West because everything hinges on where those guys go.

I’d like an emphasis on future technologies and clean power rather than the backward steps we’re taking right now that are basically handling the 21st century to the Chinese long term. I think we should be leveraging our international allies rather than alienating them. I think we should divorce healthcare from employment and this would save us money in the long run like it does every other western power.

By the time Clarita regained consciousness the mayor had arrived. The bites on her arms and hands were severely swollen and bruised. As the Mayor and medical examiner accompanied her back to the prison clinic, Clarita shrieked “the thing” was back, but this time accompanied by another smaller bug eyed creature.

The daughter replied, “Then why don’t they put daddy in a slower class?” When his wife told him what their daughter had said, it jolted him into reality. He decided from that point on that he would not take work home with him anymore. The only way he could get all the work done was to delegate some of it to others.

As female circumcision is illegal in many countries, I refer to the interviewees using an initial. For that same reason I also did not ask (and would not have been given) photographic proof to accompany each person story. I relied on their assurances that they were telling the truth about their lives.

Second, though, was beyond even Vettel’s powers of sorcery. Verstappen had spread out the field at the front, courtesy of some lightning Red Bull pace, and when Hamilton sprung past Alonso for ninth, the equation was settled. Vettel needed nothing less than victory to sustain the fight as far as Brazil, but Verstappen, the brilliant young Dutchman toasting his second win in four races, would not hear of it..

OMAHA It’s a vivid final five this year. This should be an unusually anticipated final five as the planes start pointing to San Antonio. In a college basketball season that has gone from FBI to UMBC and an NCAA tournament full of STHU (Shut The Heck Up), these last five teams of Loyola Chicago, Michigan, Villanova, Kansas and Duke comprise a giddy lot.

If you are a peanut butter lover, you can take your chances. I would also recommend adding more sugar or sweetener if you add more peanut butter, but that would just be my preference. I honestly don’t think more chocolate would hurt either.. So that’s all you ever wanted to know about ice, we expect. But what about the other non human element for competitive skaters, and we mean the skates. Obviously, the best skaters look for the best boots and blades.

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