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The four great events were named the Olympic Games, the Asian games, pan American games as well as Commonwealth Games in the 1960s. “Mexican products lines” were designed for the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Bill Bowman’s design, the “Mexican products lines” was considered to be Tiger’s first type of running shoes of “Mexican products”.

His signature “1” overlapping a “C” to represent “1 cent” or a penny, which represented the nickname his grandmother gave him, was strapped on the sneaker and a ready stream of phenomenal marketing concepts followed suit to project these two tangibles together as the face of both Nike and the NBA. Penny’s commercials were funny and a complete success. Not taking anything away from Lebron James, but many of the commercials and ad concepts around his marketing campaign are reminiscent of that of Penny’s concept in his prime.

“Can I hug you? [hugs Des Kelly] That’s a question. I was in a press conference before and the questions were about Paul and I think the question should be about the kid. He was fantastic, did everything well, put lots of pressure on Banega which was important, always comfortable, simple in possession.

So what has changed? For starters, the Titans brought in Matt LaFleur to overhaul the offense. If he brings some of that magic that helped the Los Angeles Rams this entire offense could take a giant leap forward. LaFleur has coached under both Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay.

I’m not pointing this out as part of an anti capitalist crusade I’m fine making money off stuff I create, since my Aviator sunglasses and potato gun parts aren’t going to pay for themselves. I’m just talking about basic human fucking decency. Whether or not you agree with the guy’s politics, it’s sleazy as shit to use the spoils of his work and life to take a big steaming shit on everything he ever believed in..

What also caught my eye is the fact that his chart has 2 in Sag, 3 in Aquarius and 2 in Virgo those 3 signs(I haven found the water equivalent yet, Scorpio maybe?) are what I like to call the “talented”/”gifted”/”smarter” signs of their element. That means he has 7 “talented” signs(if it is Scorpio even 10 signs) in 15 planets. That might explain a lot!.

The Quad Lantern can operate as a single lantern providing 190 lumens or can be separated to operate as four separate independent lanterns that provides approximately 26 feet of light. When separated each section has its own six 5mm white LED lights, its own handle, its own on off switch and its own rechargeable NiMH battery. As the charge runs down each section can be replaced into the lantern base to recharge.

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