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Spent the last week in Pompano diving with South Florida Diving Headquarters. I can say enough good things about those guys. We booked the Safari Diver boat and took down 11 divers so we had the boat to ourselves. Only 176 cases regarding police matters were reported to NCHR; only 33 cases of enforced disappearances across the country were reported to NCHR from 2015 to 2018. The data revealed that 56 cases of missing persons reported to NCHR since when the commission came into being while 44 cases of unlawful detention reported to NCHR during this period. According to her, 1,676 complaints were processed by NCHR.

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In each case Dr Baylis says the nub of the question was how each person got the best out of their life.”We do not feel as if we have any definitive answers. But at the very least we hope to provoke people to think about these things.”The project is bound to draw criticism from those who feel it is trying to formulate a “one size fits all” guide to happiness and success. Baylis refutes the charge.”There are some very strong themes coming through from all the comments which I could distil down but I was nervous about doing that and turning it into a 10 point code for life.”The one thing I’ve learned as a psychologist is that naturally every person has their own goals and so everyone’s 10 bullet points will be different.

Especially when they get stuff right. Boy, would it ever be great if we could get other people in on this fantastic idea. Then one of us will take a step back from this fairytale land, and try to view it as an observer, and will point out, people will think we stupid We all agree, and ponder for a moment.

U volg toch in verband met het Steur verhaal toch wel het blog van de zeilende bruinkop Tom Zijlstra, verantwoordelijk directeur van MST in 2004?gezien had die tuchtzaak destijds doorgang moeten vinden en het had nooit mogen worden afgesloten. Sterker, de gedachte alleen al had niet eens mogen opkomen. In plaats daarvan had de RvB meteen al in 2000 een eigen moeten instellen.

We can see then, that this hadith cannot be used as an excuse for avoiding the obligations of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and advising and guiding others.With this in mind, we should avoid concern over other people’s affairs that have no impact on us. That is,gossiping and backbiting. Let’s remember that to say somethingabout someone that they would not like to hear (even that they are short or fat etc) is backbiting and a punishable sin!The Prophet (s) was once asked if people were held accountable for what they said and he (s) replied:”O Muaadh, may your mother be bereaved of you.

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