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MASE: Yeah. That was in the stages where the drivers were getting bigger and bigger and the natural frequencies of that were just a little too low. I heard it characterized as the sound of hitting the golf ball with a coffee can, and that’s not a good thing for the sport..

The city’s shiny new shopping headquarters Word to the wise: If you’re from out of town, present your driver’s license or passport at the Concierge Desk to receive a Privilege Card offering exclusive discounts. If you’ve only got time to visit one Sydney mall, this is it. Taking the cake from Bondi Junction Westfield as the go to destination for the discerning shopper, this shiny new CBD space houses more than 330 specialty stores including Australian first store openings by international luxury labels including Bottega Veneta, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Frstenberg (all on level 3) and Miu Miu (levels 3 4), just to name a few.

Sidebar: BTW, licensed brokers in NC generally don’t go to jail or get criminal convictions. The NCREC sits in between the legal system and the broker. Brokers can embezzle funds, commit felonies and misdemeanors and get away with it. Though it’s extraordinarily abstract, I’ve rarely found a piece of architecture more eloquent than Georges Henri Pingusson’s Memorial de la Deportation, on the fie de la Cite in Paris, commemorating French deportees who died in German concentration camps. It’s at the island’s tip. To enter you descend one of two narrow stairways compressed between massive concrete walls into a little triangular courtyard sunk below ground level; one minute you’re in the center of Paris, the next you can’t see so much as a tree.

When you set your club down, set it down a little shut. That means, if a square clubface sits at 12 o’clock, a shut clubface will be at 11 o’clock. After the clubface is closed, take your grip.. I eventually conceeded to a field tech coming out, but demanded an exact method of operational testing I knew they probably wouldn do anyway and explained, again, how it was completely abserd that my gear was link up on the port they specified, but they couldn see anything on their end. I lectured on the security implications of incorrectly provisioned cross connects knowing it fell on deaf ears.Tomorrow will be day 3 of bringing up this AT circut, inside of an AT data center. I am appalled that anyone would ever consider doing business with this company, let alone the Government.

It is useful to remember that in many boards, there are value adding serious professionals, who, for good reasons, are unable to attend all meetings. Yet, as insiders know and appreciate, the contribution of such directors, within and outside boardrooms, is often critical. A mechanical application of the minimum attendance requirements would remove such value adding directors from corporate boardrooms..

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