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Some reports indicated the venom is seldom fatal to humans in good physical shape. But who wants to take that chance? Not me so sometimes we humans receive the information and the intelligence to eliminate harm for us and other fish. And the Dixie Divers are taking care of business for all human safety and well being..

Our two commenters questioned why I didn’t just refer to the structure as a house or a home. The word “hut” wrote one of them, is “such a pejorative term, implying something ‘lesser’ and comes from a time when African culture was belittled and seen as inferior. I think you can do better than that especially when you do such a great job highlighting the dignity and worth of the people you write about.

Speaking of small shows that deserve attention, my favourite so far was one by ‘The Nice Guys’ called you say potato I say die. Its four guys from Sydney, clever, different, black sketch comedy. Bit weird/absurd sometimes, but an interesting mix of high and low brow, and most importantly it was very funny.

You can choose phone systems that look like your regular old hand held phones or choose a cordless business phone system. These systems are specially intended systems which link the internal telephone system of the company to a public phone network. This gives your staff and employees the flexibility and freedom to move around the work place without fearing to miss a call..

Literally the most uneducated post written here. Hawaiin culture is the most disrespected out there, you didn disuade this woman post, you enforced it. Every word, every twist during their traditional dances has meaning. My biggest financial expense is running shoes, I use around 15 pairs a year, as one pair lasts less than a month. Some running shoes last just some 150km because of my foot. I need to change my running shoes for each run.

The details are mostly secret. The agreement hasn’t been created openly, with the public largely unable to access its contents, other than a leaked chapter of the proposed deal that was published by WikiLeaks. That section shows that the document is considered classified, which The New York Times notes means that the draft chapter will be considered classified for four years as national security information.

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