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Berkaca dari banyaknya kasus penangguhan dibeberapa daerah lain di Indonesia, penerapan UMP, UMK ataupun UMKab tidak sepenuhnya efektif, karena tidak mempertimbangkan aspek besar kecilnya skala perusahaan. Akan menjadi tidak adil apabila perusahaan sebesar Sinarmas atau Gudang Garam membayar upah pekerjanya dengan UMK dan disaat yang sama usaha berskala kecil juga diwajibkan melaksanakan hal yang serupa. Dengan adanya aturan mengenai UMPS diharapkan menjadi cikal bakal pengaturan upah minimum berbasis sektoral atau berbasis skala perusahaan..

By 24/7 Wall Street: It is not unusual for companies with highly successful products to run out of inventory. Oftentimes, companies scramble at the last minute to meet an unexpected upsurge in demand. Some analysts also suspect that companies “create” shortages to boost interest in their products among consumers and the media.

A brief look at my PSN trophy list on the PSN website shows it a little high, but not crazy levels. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a decent comparison at 48% completion on PS4, Hellblade was 44%, Uncharted 4 was 42%, FFXV the same at 42%, Resident Evil 7 at 39%, Persona 5 for the long slog at 35%. In terms of incredible easy games to complete I was surprised to see Telltale games so low so the highest I could see were the likes of What Remains of Edith Finch at 76% and Firewatch at 68%.

Both the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution were a consequence of the poor led by the middle class in overthrowing the wealthy. Neither ended well. The French Revolution resulted in the Napoleonic wars and the Russian Revoution ended in totalitariansm.Another consequence of virtually all wealth belonging to the top 5% is the rise of dictatorship and fascism.

I like to visit new breweries and often plan trips or side jaunts to them. (I in the SF Bay Area.) Growlers let me take home some of my favorite beer after a sampler at a new brewery. Or I can get fresh beer from places like Fieldwork or Cellarmaker whose cans are limited/hard to find.

The Britannica is an embarrassment of riches. Users often find the wealth and breadth of information daunting and data mining is fast becoming an art form. This is why the Britannica incorporated the “Personal Brain” to cope with this predicament. It was only by hijacking tracking data from Soviet air defenses that the military was able to find Maultsby and make contact in an attempt to guide him home. There was one slight problem, though: After he made contact with “home” and was advised to turn left, another voice came over the radio and told him to turn right, further into unsafe airspace. They kept calling until Maultsby, who was presumably sick of starring in the horror movie prequel to Top Gun, demanded some proof of their identity .

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